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Low pressure

One Ear Clip
Two Ear Clip
One Ear Clip with Inner-Ring
DIN 3016 Rubber-lined P-Clip (Form D)
SMS Rubber-lined P-Clip
Spring Clip
Wire Clip
Wire Clip with screw
“Normal” Mini Clip
Stainless steel Open Worm-Drive
ADAPFLEX Endless band and housing

Medium pressure

Stainless steel Cable Tie
Clip Clamp
ASFA “L” Worm-Drive Clip
ASFA “S” Worm-Drive Clip
Thumb Screw for ASFA "L" and "S" worm-drive clamps
ASFA Worm-Drive Clip (Black Finish)
Safety Cap for ASFA "L" and "S" worm-drive clamps
Safety Collar for ASFA "L" and "S" worm-drive clamps

High pressure

Super Heavy-Duty Clamp
Supra Heavy-Duty Clamp